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In our efforts to provide information related to the field of glycoscience and glycotechnology, FCCA made a decision to place advertisements on some of the sites of TIGG and the FCCA. We welcome companies interested in placing a banner. We also welcome placing advertisements on the printed journal pages.

広告サンプルSize: 120(w) ×90(h) (See example.)
Resolution: 72 dpi
Formats: GIF, GIF movie, JEPG
File size: up to 30 KB
Example Price:
JPY80,000/6 months plus tax for regular membership.
JPY50,000/6 months plus tax for supporting membership.
Renewal Discount is also available.
For details, please contact our office.
Position: “Current issue”, “Articles in press” and “Archive” in TIGG web site and FCCA web site.
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